Van Der Werff Logisitics BV, Heerenveen

Managing Director
2/2001 – 8/2006

Van der Werff Logistics BV Transport and Logistics – 100 FTE 12 Mio. EUR

  • Responsible for the staff, Transport Department 75 drivers and 10 office workers
  • Stratetic Sourcing manager IT Systems
  • Close and reorganize office Harderwijk (€ 3M)
  • Acquisition and integration 2 transport companies
  • Growth of 3M € to 10M € in 5 years and 35 to 80 trucks in 5 years
  • Development of warehouse operations, organize and build warehouse (10,000 tons)
  • Tenders in transportation (€ 4M) and litigation
  • Contact person for banks, taxes, customers and suppliers
  • Purchase and implementation TMS Plan and Go! Development CMS System

Activities conducted for this customer:

Stragegic Soucing, Logistics Consulting, Procurement, Transportation Optimization and Outsourcing Tender management

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